Elementary Engineering gathers information from various sources for the preparation of scripts for its videos. EE strives to provide the information that is close to best and easy to understand with minimum errors possible.
It's knowledge source includes books published by experienced civil engineers, professors and authors, internet websites and sometimes answers, to the queries asked, received via mail directly from professors.

There are some books and sources worth mentioning on which Elementary Engineering videos are primarily based.

It is written by prestigious and highly valued civil engineer of his time Dr. K. R. Arora. Mr. Arora obtained his PhD Degree from IIT Delhi. He has experience of over 36 years of working on big projects of Rajasthan State in India.
This book provides a detailed and in-depth analysis of the concepts yet in a very simple and easy to understand language. It is a good book for learning soil mechanics and is recommended for students.

This book is written by two authors Mr. Gopal Ranjan, who has been the president of Indian Geotechnical Society during 1984-85, and Mr. A S R Rao, who has been a member of the National Executive Committee of the Indian Geotechnical Society for three terms.
Authors have provided the concepts and in very detailed way and had approached many concepts different than others to make it easy for students to understand it. It is a good book for learning soil mechanics and is recommended for students.

This book is written by two IIT Delhi Professors Mr. Shashi K Gulhati and Mr. Manoj Datta.
This book is a powerful source to feel the soil engineering. This books makes the subject very interesting and concepts very easy to understand. This book may not be the best choice for competitive exams but it is a great choice for all the soil mechanics enthusiasts.

There is a vast amount of quality material available on the internet and in other books. We have not explored all of them but these books with few others helped us in getting our things done.

Some other knowledge sources :
: Best source of introductory knowledge : Wikipedia
: YouTube

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